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Sobre: Establish in 2013,Shanghai ChainMill Industry Co. Ltd. is a professional enterprise for producing and selling the steel piping products. Our sales office based in Shanghai and another office is in Brazil. Until now we have three production bases .Two plants in China ,one is in Malaysia.Nowadays,we have about 100 workers including 10 senior Engineers,5 quality Engineers.
Chainmill Industry Team
Chainmill Industry Product List
Steel Flange
Welding Neck flange,Slip On flange ,blind flange,Lap Joint flange,blind flange Loose Hubbed Flange,Welding Plate Flange,Socket Welding Flange,Orifice Flange,thread flange,reducing flange,long welding neck flange
Butt-Welding Pipe Fittings(Seamless&Welded)
 45°ELBOW,90°Elbow,180°Elbow,Bend,Equal Tee,Reducing Tee,Tee,Concentric Reducer,Eccentric Reducer,Cap,Stub end
Forging Fittings(Thread,NPT,Socket)
Elbow(45°/90°),Tee(Equal and Reducing),Half/Full Coupling, Boss , Union, Plug,bushing,SwageNipple,Cap,Weldolet,Sockolet,Threadolet,Nipolet,latrolet,Elbolet
Carbon steel pipes ,Carbon steel tubes,stainless steel tubes,stainless steel pipes,duplex steel pipes,duplex steel tubes,alloy steel tubes,alloy steel pipes.
Chainmill Industry Main Client
For more information click download:Company details production listcarbon steel fittings manufacturers

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