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Sobre: ❤ Eco-friendly  high quality PP and soft silicon  
❤ It Can protect the kid's eyes and ears from water and shampoo during bath; It also can keep the babie's  face and eyes free from hair during haircut;
❤ Will make your baby like washing  head or taking shower
❤ Suit for 6 month to 8 years old,or the head size around :37 cm
❤ The shower cap is elastic,Please adjust the degree of tightness according to Child's head size.
❤ GREAT DESIGN - Our shower caps do not have any velcro or buttons that keep opening with a little pull.It has an comfortable adjustable elastic head rind that will stretch to fit your child's head regardless of size.
Product Description
NameBaby Shower Cap
MaterialPP+ Eco-friendly Soft Silicon
Suit for age6 months~8 Years (Head Size around 37cm)
Packing Size27~30cmchildren shower cap quotation

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