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Our History
Hebei FLY electronic technology co., LTD., founded in the end of 2016, is mainly responsible for overseas market development and maintenance. Our factory was founded in 2011, and mainly produces plastic parts. The company formally entered the domestic adult supplies market in 2013, and is a producer/developer of specialized products including Dildos/Silicone Doll/Inflatable Doll/Realistic Vagina/Lingerie/Masturbation Toys. We have been mature manufacturers in adult supplies for many years. Our company introduced advanced production equipment and technology, and has outstanding technical and management personnel. We offer advanced products, which are clean and healthy. The quality of our products is recognised by many buyers.Our company promises: reasonable prices and honesty. We look forward to cooperating with you.

Workshop&Stock Photos

Our Factory
The factory consists of three floors totally approximately 5000 square meters. The first floor is used for the reverse mold workshop and injection molding workshop. The second floor is used for the office space and warehouse. The third floor is used for assembly of products.

Our Product
Vibrator,Dildo,Real Silicone Doll,Inflatable doll,Realistic Vagina,Lingerie,Masturbation Toys

Product Application
Adult game,Couples flirting,Masturbation

Production Equipment
Injection molding machine,Extruding machine,The silicone machine;

Production Market
We have customers from both domestic market and oversea market like Europe and America and other countries。

Our service
We provide high quality tracking service, pre-sale and after-sale product directions, after-sale products usage and maintenance instructions, and 24 hours service for your peace of mind.Unise Sex Toys manufacturers

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